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Extreme Clothespins: Established in Oklahoma, Crafted in Italy

Spring Time Winds....


"everything is going to be alright"! (all right)

We line dry in Kansas, dealing with winds that are not only fierce but, as anyone in the Midwest will tell you, change direction at the drop of a hat. For most pins, the changes in direction will eventually work your clothes loose. But with these, as a test, I hung a queen size quilt, with three pins, in sustained 20 mile per hour winds, with gusts of 40, changing from south to west and back multiple times per hour.

They worked like a dream. I cannot think of a harder test. I only use a single pin for clothes, even heavy jeans and sweaters, and two pins for bedsheets, and I've never had a single item blow off.

I can't recommend them enough.

Farrah Zahrans

Every once in a while you come across an item that not only actually works the way it's supposed to but even surpasses your expectations. These extreme pegs are that item! It doesn't matter what the wind conditions or the load of laundry, these keep everything securely clipped to the clothes line. This spring I even hung up an old tarp that had been used to keep something covered over the winter and was pretty filthy, thinking it would be good to just let it air out and then I would be able to brush all the grime off of it. That night we endured one of the worst wind storms we've had in a long time with rain and howling gales and I could hear that tarp being battered and buffeted all night long, right outside our bedroom window. I thought for sure it would be long gone when daylight arrived but it was still hanging securely by the extreme pegs! They have kept king sized sheets, a load of towels, work clothes, winter wear, etc. securely on the clothes line through some pretty intense wind. I can't recommend them enough for anyone who uses a clothes line.

George Bailey

Worth every penny - you get what you pay for

These are amazing. Not only because of the durability but also how well they do the job of hanging (grasping onto) clothing and heavy blankets, etc. I originally bought one set and I'm coming back for more. Once I have the amount I need, I'll never have to buy more (unless little hands walk off with them).

Mandy Rollo

Your Last Clothespin

These clothespins are the real deal. Firm clamping pressure that does not diminish over time. Not limited to just hanging clothes, you can use these for virtually anything from closing potato chip bags to small woodworking projects. This is my 3rd order. Very nice product.

Michael I.

Perfect for my boat trip

Used these to secure towels, bathing suits and clothes to the lifelines. Did not lose a single article despite 30 + knot winds. Highly recommend these! Also great that they are stainless and will not rust. Stored them away for next time!

Scott B

Engineered for a Lifetime

Stainless Steel Extreme Clothespins!